December 7, 2010

Say Yum: Festivus at Old Glory

Seinfeld fans, get ready. Old Glory BBQ is breaking out its aluminum pole from the crawl space for its first annual Festivus Celebration.

Because tinsel is “too distracting,” a simplistic aluminum pole will be displayed inside Old Glory to signify the obscure month-long holiday celebration. The restaurant will also designate a space for the “Airing of Grievances,” where guests can write and post notes about how they’ve been disappointed over the last year.

Starting December 1 and culminating with a Festivus dinner on December 23, Old Glory will serve a menu of traditional Festivus dishes including homemade meatloaf and the infamous chocolate cake decorated with M&Ms.  Naturally, there are also drink specials, including Festivus Punch , a spirit-lifting concoction of Captain Morgan rum and fresh pineapple, orange and cranberry juices and the Kramer ($8), a classic Manhattan made with Dewar’s 12.

Old Glory’s Festivus celebration will culminate with dinner on December 23, where guests can enjoy a three-course prix-fixe Festivus meal for $18. Throughout the evening, the grievances aired throughout the month will be read aloud and guests are invited to chime in with any additional grievances they would like to share.

This sounds like a holiday celebration that even Mr. Costanza would be proud of.

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