Editorial + Ad Policy

Deacon wanted to take a moment and talk about his editorial guidelines, both for publishing and for event submissions.

This Web site remains in accordance with the new FTC regulations concerning blogging, namely that all products and service received in exchange for posting are clearly denoted or tagged as "sponsored" by the blog author and writer.

Deacon Does DC maintains a strict editorial policy - namely, there is no pay for play. All reviews and content, positive or negative, is directly the opinion or journalistic point of view of the author. Many posts are streamed from Deacon Does DC editor in chief McLean Robbins' personal work in other outlets, and the remaining posts highlight events, places and things that Ms. Robbins personally finds amusing or worthwhile for readers.

Event submissions may be made but are not guaranteed a posting. Please submit any event requests or products to deacondoesdc@gmail.com for consideration. The Web site aims to cover a variety of products, places and events that are of interest to readers in the DC area and beyond.

Thank you for reading, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Deacon Does DC reaches visitors each day across the United States and abroad, publishing daily content about DC lifestyles as well as fashion, spa and travel content nationwide and internationally.

Advertising opportunities are welcomed and typically appear in one of three categories - "Deacon Partners," "Deacon Promotions," or simple banner or text advertising links. Deacon Partners are local businesses with whom Deacon has developed an ongoing relationship and are added on a quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. Deacon Promotions can be used to host or sponsor an upcoming event. Deacon is available for in-person appearances for a nominal fee, which can be waived if the event is for media recognition or charity. Traditional banner or text advertising is purchased on a monthly or quarterly basis and may receive a bulk or term discount.

For cost information, please write to editor McLean Robbins at deacondoesdc@gmail.com.


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