November 15, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Deacon's Travel Essentials

Happy Travel Tuesday! As the holidays approach, we're often asked about our favorite travel finds that accompany us on our many jaunts. Sadly, our list of favorites changes all.the.time. and we're rarely using the same thing twice. It's been a long dream to have a go-to line of matching travel accessories, but the fact of the matter is ... we simply have a compilation of our favorite things. Whether you're looking for new travel makeup adds or simply wanting to get the traveler in your life something they'll love, here are a few of our favorite picks:
Travel Tuesday: GalTime Travel Essentials

1 - The Bag: 
We start all of our trips with a great bag - our current carry-on is this quilted Marc by Marc Jacobs number, which holds all of our essentials AND doubles as both a beach bag, a ski bag an overnight bag if we run off for a day trip in the middle of our adventure.

2- The Wrap: 
 A cashmere travel set is always a must on long flights. We love the White + Warren ones, which come with slippers to keep our feet warm, an eye mask so we can sleep, and a wrap/scarf combo that we'll wear the entire trip. Plus, it's way better than blankets on a plane!

3 - The Tech: 
 Our tech accessories are a must. We have been loving our 3.2 pound Sony Vaio, which has 6 hours of battery live, perfect for working while on-the-go. We'd love a great camera and have asked for a D-90 from Santa, but for now, our iPhone is our must-have accessory (with this great leopard case from Kate Spade). It takes great shots AND allows us to share our moments with the touch of a button through apps like Instagram (Follow us!). Our Kindle 3G is also on our must-bring list, and we are obsessed with this cover, which has a built-in book light.

4 - Handbag Organizer: 
Inouis' Core is our go-to travel holder. It has tons of pockets, perfect for storing our pills, makeup essentials and more. Plus, we can grab the mini and credit card holder right out of it and use them as a wristlet or smaller makeup case when we reach our destination.

5- The Travel Accessories: 
We've got to be stylish too, so we love our silver passport holder. Sure, we know Deacon is a German Shepherd, but we love this ode to our Dachshund, Marty, with the whimsical luggage tag that looks ... just like him. Oh, and it's VERY easy to spot our bag if we check it!

6- The Makeup: 
We hate to check a bag, which means we're always on the hunt for new travel-sized products. (See the Travalo perfume atomizer, that holds our favorite scents in travel size?) While we're normally loyal to Skin Authority at home, we sometimes use our road trips to sample new products, and use as our go-to site for testing. We've been loving this Ole Henricksen set, which has all the creams and potions we need. Le Metier's Peau Verge is our go-to for just about everything, and thankfully the full size is travel approved. We also don't ever travel without DC-based Skincado's Combat Balm, which soothes all ills from travel-chapped skin to sunburns and bug bites in an all-natural formula.

*We own and love all of the items listed above. We were given the Sony Vaio and Travalo for press reviews some time ago, but all of our opinions about the products are our own.*

What's in your travel bag? Do you have a new fave we have to add? Leave a comment, below! 

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