September 3, 2011

Luxe Life: Join Deacon on Pintrest

Good morning, Deacon fans! Lately, we've been all over the map with a number of new writing and blog projects. You may have noticed that we're sharing a lot of news from our luxury lifestyle Tumblr account, Wanderluxe, over on the @DeaconDoesDC twitter handle.

But today, we wanted to share with you one of our latest obsessions - our Pintrest page. Each day, we come across hundreds of interesting articles and photos that we're able to easily file away and group on social sharing site Pintrest.

Much like the old fashioned corkboard or mood board, Pintrest allows you to use a single bookmark to "pin," "like," "re-pin" another post, and easily share via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail all of your inspirations with comments, directed @replies and track-able hashtags (#). We love how it's easy to share our own thoughts with the click of a button, and to create separate "boards" around a particular theme.

We have boards for recipes, style inspiration, home design, travel and even adorable animals. One of our favorite features is the group board, which we're currently using to share thoughts with a girlfriend who is in the process of planning a wedding. With a single click, we can share ideas with her entire friend network and save them in a single place for her to return to again and again. Best of all, it is easy to find all of our archived "tips" and re-share with the next friend who gets engaged down the line.

We'd love love love for you to share your Pintrest handle with us so we can all share board inspirations and join in the fun! Ours is Wanderluxe - but we'll still be sharing items Deacon fans will love! Check out a few of our favorite pins, below:

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