July 15, 2010

Say Yum: Mie N Yu's Blind Tiger Tasting Menu

Looking for a fun night out with girlfriends or a location for a hot date? Search no further than longtime Deacon fave, Mie N Yu. Located in the heart of Georgetown, this Asian fusion hotspot draws inspiration from the countries along the Silk Road.

Deacon was invited to dine at Mie N Yu a few weeks ago to try their new tasting menu, a three-course, $25 culinary journey.

Upon arrival, we were seated in one of the restaurants coolest tables, an elevated booth on the ground floor, draped with muslin paneling and boasting a unique circular shape. It's the ideal space for mid sized parties of six or fewer, and perfectly shaped for sharing the restaurant's small plate selections.

We began with a spiced hummus with braised Egyptian fava beans. Offering a vaguely Indian flavor, the dish was accompanied by warm bread, a nice change from traditional pita. My dining companions opted for a blue crab salad on a bed of soba noodles. Our preference was for the hummus, as it was easier to share and slightly more flavorful.

For the next course, we split both the lamb kabobs and the lacquered duck. They were both excellent - the lamb was perfectly flavored and balanced well with the tangy yogurt dipping sauce, and the duck, accompanied by thin pancakes and a sweet dipping sauce, was tasty without being greasy, as so easily can happen with a dark meat like duck.

After two hearty courses, we were nearly full, but our third option had yet to arrive - we had opted for a seared filet mingon and the chicken rica rica. The steak was well cooked and tender, but the side of spiced noodles was a bland afterthought. The chicken was rich and flavorful, but came with both a drunstick and thigh - a breast would have been more appreciated.

Wines accompanying the pairing are a notable 50% off, and we were able to sample a favorite bottle of the Biltmore estate white for an exceptional rate, plus seasonal cocktails to start.

At just $25 per person, this tasting menu, while not perfect, is an exceptional value and one that we'd definitely return to try, particularly in a group setting. We left full but not stuffed, and certainly felt as if the menu was well worth the cost.

*The review was sponsored, but Deacon's opinions are his own.

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