July 18, 2010

Jetset: Deacon Does Foxwoods Resort & Casino (Part 1 of 4)

 If you're already a regular blog reader, you know that Deacon has been spending the past few months in a permanent state of "go." A few weeks ago, we had the great opportunity to live it up like high rollers at Connecticut's Foxwoods Resort Casino. (Image at left is courtesy of About.com)

Never one to pass up an opportunity to turn a little cash into a big payout, we hopped the train at Union Station and headed North, snagging our traveling companion, the ever up-for-anything K, on the way. Despite being longtime Vegas devotees, we'd never hit up an East Coast casino and were totally not sure what to expect, particularly as the train pulled up to a very, very tiny station in New London and we drove through miles of small town nothingness, learning only that we were passing through the "submarine capital of the world," Groton, on our way. Hmm. This was not boding well for our "we will not date military men for the near future," resolution. But, I digress.

We finally arrived to the massive casino complex to determine that Foxwoods looked, for the most part, exactly like Vegas, only slightly less ornate. Our room, on the 30th floor of the MGM Grand, overlooked the Native American reservation land and offered an interesting juxtaposition - the serene views of trees and skyline were completely at odds with what lay just an elevator ride below - gambling, drinking, and oh yes, Ashley Dupre as the guest of "honor" at the club downstairs, hosting a Playboy Magazine sponsored party the next evening.

The room itself was minimalist, but adequate, offering amenities akin to a Hyatt or Westin and comfortable pillow-top mattresses. Housekeeping service was spotty, meaning they didn't clean our room until a 7 PM call downstairs on the second day, but turn down service included chocolate and bottled water.  The views, however, more than made up for the room's plain decor. After all, you don't come to a casino to relax and watch TV ....

What the casino complex (made up of several hotels strung together to form North America's largest casino) lacked in shopping, it made up in entertainment. From the onsite golf courses to two spas to numerous dining outlets, a museum and massive theater, we knew we'd have plenty to do during our three day stay.

We'll recap our highlights - dining, nightlife, high-roller experiences and spas - in three additional posts, coming later this week.

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