July 8, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Remarkable Indonesia Fashion Show

Last night, Deacon had a chance to encounter a new and fresh taste of fashion from two of Indonesia’s top designers, Oscar Lawalata and Denny Wirawan. The designers showcased their unique hand-woven creations for the spring and summer at the Remarkable Indonesia fashion show held at the Ritz Carlton.

The designs grasp both the richness of traditional Indonesian culture and modern fashion to make their clothing one of a kind pieces of art. It is significant that the designs are produced for quality, (as opposed to quantity). These special creations are not available in the masses.

The show included beautiful fabrics, bright colors, and unique mix of pattern designs. The designers create this wearable art to be turn heads at ceremonies and evening events. Both designers revealed their desire to see their fashions on a red carpet.

Lawalata and Wirawan agree that tradition and culture is very important in the designs. Each piece has a motif and the motif has lived through generations in Indonesia. Each and every piece is crafted with a motif in mind and the designs and fabrics to complement that importance.

Impressed? Try it out for yourself. Push that ordinary black dress to the back of the closet, and wow the room with one of these captivating designs.

Enjoy these great videos  & photos from last night! 


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