July 8, 2010

Deacon Says: Help a Friend in Need

Help me out, would you? One of my fellow GSDs (that's German Shepherd Dogs to you in the know) is about to be put down if we can't find him a great home. He's currently at the PG County Animal Shelter and here's his story: 

"Coby is a 14 month old shepherd mix. He was rescued on May 21st, 2010 when neighbors reported to animal control that there was a dog with a rod in his neck. His owners went on vacation. So they decided to tie a cable around Coby’s neck and tie him to a tree. The cable was so short that he got it caught under his leg and wasn’t able to lie down for 3 days. The cable then embedded in his skin and started to rust. When animal control picked him up they weren’t able to leash him due to the damage. Coby was so happy to see people he jumped right in the truck. The vets got to work on him right away. They were able to remove the cable without surgery. They put Coby on an antibiotic and pain meds and he healed up pretty quick. Coby is lucky there wasn’t any long term damage.

Where Coby isn’t lucky is if he isn’t adopted by Monday July 12th he will be put down. There just isn’t space at the shelter. I met and played with this guy. He is a jumper. He was in a run that didn’t have a top for 6 weeks and hasn’t jumped out. He just jumps when he’s excited. That can be trained out of him. He is about 55 - 60 pounds right now. Coby was skin and bones when he was rescued. He would probable top off at 75-80 pounds. He is very sweet and house trained. He shows no sensitivity to his neck. I gave him a great big neck hug and he loved it. (His hair is already growing back). He gets along with other dogs. He really likes to run with them and play tug-war with a rope. He hasn’t been tested with cats yet. German Shepherd Rescue came and looked at him this past Monday. They couldn’t take him because he’s a mix and they are at capacity with full blooded GSDs.

The cost to adopt Coby is $200.00. He isn’t neutered so they will neuter him before they release him and bring him up to date on his shots before he leaves. All is included in the 200.00 cost."


*Thanks to @aesbr and 1M Creative for the info.


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Whitney said...

HOW CUTE...can't we hide him in our apartments??


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