November 6, 2008

Mark Your Calendars: Midtown opening

Play is come and gone, with "Midtown," DC's newest nightlife scene, taking its place. Given the number of clubs that have opened in the past year and the utter grossness of most of them after a few weeks, it's unlikely that this one will become the next big thing. But still, if you're into that whole euro-trash trance music drunken makeout scene, go ahead.

Here's the invite (shock and awe, it's a Michael Romeo project) and be sure to let us know how it is. We're 110% sure that this Grand Opening will be preceded by some sort of private opening and several weeks of hype, so if you're looking to avoid lines, wait at least a few weeks before heading out.

Or ... check below for some of our fave nightlife recommends.
Nightlife thoughts:

There are few places that don't have red carpet and lines out the door on Saturday nights. If you're in the mood to club it, here are Deacon's picks:

Tattoo: still my favorite for predictable drinks, classic rock and good dance tunes, and a normal-looking crowd. The place is horribly narrow, however, so even if you have a table, don't count on much room. Tuesdays draw a pretty large crowd, and be sure to get in before midnight or have your name on a list on weekends. It fills up.

The Park at Fourteenth: I thought this place was fun when it first opened last October, but since then it's drawn the same kind of crowd as Fur and Love on a Saturday. I won't elaborate, but suffice to say I won't go there either. But for events, the space can't be beat. Four beautiful levels, great food and drinks, and an eclectic yet fun crowd. Thanks to Laura Carlson for getting Park back on my visit list.

Current: My roommate's current go-to bar. The biggest complaint she's had is that the white on white on white theme makes the place a bit bright in the evenings. Apparently the sushi is quite good, and the crowd is generally fun.

Shadow Room: I've only been here once, for an event, but it was quite a good time. I love the idea of the push-button ordering, and the custom gaming boxes that can come with a table. I'm interested to try it again.

18th Street Lounge:
A favorite among my friends for dancing and socializing until the wee hours. It can be hit or miss, but is generally a good time.

Lotus/Lima/K Street: Honestly, these places all run together, but are fun for events. I like Lotus' open bar on Fridays, and Lima and K Street both are fun times at parties and events. The best part is that it's easy to hop the K Street corridor if one place is crowded or boring.

Josephine: Again, it's beautiful inside, but the crowd runs very Euro. And really, a stripper pole in the middle of the floor? But if you find a non gold-chained man and make friends, the $14 drinks don't matter, now do they?

Obviously, I've left off most of my usual hot spots (sorry, L2) but if you've got questions or adds, do leave them in the comments section below.

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