November 6, 2008

Luxe Life: Hair today, gone tomorrow

This morning, Deacon has had no less than five requests about his lovely locks. He does his grooming with an exclusive personal stylist that comes to the house.

But since not everyone has that luxury, I'll answer the "I'm in desperate need of a cut/color/blowout before Thanksgiving and don't know where to go" question that's on every gal's mind:

  • Paul Bosserman
  • Tiny, hole-in-the-wall salon in Georgetown that does color and cut only. It's expensive, but the best cut I've ever had. If you book Bach to the point where I can't get an appointment, it's going to get ugly.
  • Andre Chrecky
  • I've heard raves about Tracey, and both my roommate and her best friend look quite good.
  • Parlour
  • This adorable salon on U Street always has stylish people emerging. I'd give it a shot, especially if you live in the area
  • Ilo
  • Our good friend Alina swears by this Georgetown spot. So much so, in fact, that she made a full page in the August issue of The Washingtonian about her great head o' curls.
  • Hair Gallery
  • I swear by this Rosslyn salon for their $30 blowouts. The gratis scalp massage is a perfect perk and makes the service feel luxe.
  • Aveda Institute
  • If you have a super basic style, this Chinatown school is darn cheap. I wouldn't rely on them for color or complicated cuts, but just a trim is just up their alley.
  • Bang
  • Love it or hate it, this is one of my friend's favorite outposts.
  • PR At Partners
  • It probably depends on your stylist, but I've heard good things.
And of course, The Washingtonian has a generally comprehensive list of the best spots in town.

But really, the best recommendations is word of mouth. If you love someone's cut on the metro, sidewalk, or even your favorite clothing store, just ask. They'll be flattered, and you'll get a good idea. If you keep hearing the same name over and over again, suck up the cost and just go. It's always better to pay more for one good cut than a fortune fixing the cheap ones over and over again.

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