June 4, 2013

What I Wear: Barre Class Basics

It's bathing suit season, everyone! Those who are Deacon fans know that we have tried nearly every workout under the sun in the quest to find the one that keeps us looking perfect ... it's an exhausting process. But for nearly a year, we've been dragging our tails to Clarendon's Lava Barre, where we tuck, tone and tame our tummy, tush and thighs with an hour-long workout called Barre.

We love, love, love the studio, owned by the fashionable friends Lauren Price and Vanessa Ligorria and taught by the duo as well as a host of other great females. But as challenging as the workout is, we realized that it wasn't just about showing up and getting your shake on (that's what happens when you work your muscles to exhaustion in each move) ... it was also about looking great while you did it.

Over the past year, we've road tested major athletic brands' best workout wear on the quest to find the best barre class basics. Here's an inside peek at our favorites, and why we love each one. While not inexpensive, each piece was selected for its comfort, flattering fit, durability and overall fashion factor.

What I Wear: Barre Beauty

We'll start with the shoes. In our studio, barre is done on a polished wooden floor. While many women wear non-slip socks (the kind with grippy dots on the bottom), we love these durable Blake Brody flats. Chicly adorned with a heart, these shoes keep us from slipping during our warm-up planks and in positions like waterski, shown above, where you lean back from the barre as if you're skiing.

When it comes to pants, only one style will do. We have several variations of Lucy's Perfect Core pant, but love the legging capri best for summer barre classes. It tones the tummy and tames the tush, and washes like a dream. We can't tell the difference between a year-old and a day-old pair, even after dozens of washings. If you would rather tone your booty, try their new Perfect Booty Variety.

Tops are tricky, as everyone's body is different, and each set of ta-ta's needs a special level of support. Our go-to is normally Lululemon's Scoop Neck Tank (not shown), but it's been mostly discontinued. We alternate between our old Scoop Necks, their new Scoop It Up tanks (not shown) and our new favorite, the Equator Tank from Gap offshoot Athleta. Form-fitting and bump-smoothing, the top offers the perfect blend of support and style. Plus, all of these are long enough to cover the booty if you so desire.

To cover up on the walk to and from class, we turn to Lululemon's Forme jacket, which adds a slimming shilouette but also offers extra long sleeves with a tiny thumb-hole. You can even flip the sleeves over to form mini mittens. Great if we were to run outside. Generally, we hate to run, unless we're chasing someone or being chased, though.

For our final two items, we'll admit -- these vary from day to day. But when we're running out to work after class, we'll toss our shoes and other items in a Marc by Marc Jacobs vinyl tote (which we also love for plane trips) and make sure to keep our hair out ouf our face with a chic little headband. We don't love the kind with grips on the bottom -- they pull at our hair, and so this Lululemon one is perfect.

Want to try a barre class? Your first at LavaBarre is free! Come with us - we're normally in the 6 or 6:30 AM classes on weekdays. 

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