September 25, 2012

Mark Your Calendars: Drybar Georgetown and Bethesda Open For Booking

We can't contain our excitement any longer. Drybar, the cult favorite blow out bar with locations in New York and California, is finally arriving in DC! The Bethesda and Georgetown locations are taking appointments starting October 19. 

What exactly is this magical place, you ask? It's not a salon - they don't do cuts or color, but just blowouts, in styles ranging from the tousled and curly like the "Southern Comfort" and "Mai Tai" and even a sleek straight look called the Manhattan. 

For around the price of a pedicure ($40), get a wash and blowout from a styling professional, plus convenient online booking (there's even a free app). We enjoyed one a few weeks ago while traveling and had photo-ready hair for almost 72 hours. 

Amazing, right? 

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