February 1, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Skip the Winter Blues With These Energy Balancing Tips

The winter doldrums are officially here - that time between MLK day and Memorial Day is a long stretch of five-day work weeks and cold weather. If you can't snag a Caribbean vacay and want to lie a blanket until spring, we'd suggest you follow these great tips from Destination Spa Group and natural health & well being expert Debra Koerner.

“Every magazine I picked up over the holidays addressed how a lack of energy is becoming an epidemic problem,” says Koerner, who is also the executive director of the Destination Spa Group.

“I have experienced amazing, reenergizing transformations at Destination Spas and want to share some of the tips I’ve picked up,” adds Koerner, who suggests we replete our energetic resources in 2012 by…

· Starting the year with a full medical assessment to eliminate medical concerns. Issues with your thyroid and hormones, as well as intestinal disorders can zap your zest.

· Taking your vitamins. Chronic fatigue almost guarantees that some of your vitamin levels are low, especially Vitamin D. Find a high-quality, natural, non-chemical multi-vitamin and consider adding in Omega 3 and a probiotic.

· Incorporating more natural movement into your life. While at work:

o Stand up and stretch several times during the day. It only takes 20 minutes for your connective tissue to bind, harden and form in the shape you are holding. For most of us at work, that is seated with our head bent forward (not a good look!)
o Take short, brisk walks through the hallways and always take the stairs
o Use half of your lunch break to move around

· Easing into sleep by taking a warm bath, reading, spraying essential oils on your pillows and sheets (lavender promotes rest) and stop eating and drinking a few hours before you hit the hay. Also, keep a notebook and pen (not an iPhone) beside of your bed to write down thoughts that may be racing through your mind.

· Reducing drama. Nothing can zap our strength quicker than holding onto anger and allowing drama to run havoc. Be courageous and have difficult conversations early-on to ward off the draining effects of drama later.

· Watching your caffeine and sugar intake. Caffeine and sugar give an immediate boost and zap you later. They wreak havoc on your adrenals and give that “crash” feeling, which causes cravings. Try “half caff” for a while. Replace half the sugar you use in tea and coffee with stevia, which is an all-natural herbal sweetener.

· Being thankful. “I have found that when I take a moment each day and express thanks for what is going ‘right’ in my life, my perspective shifts away from what I don’t have to what I do have. This can be a great boost and start your day off from a place of gratitude,” suggests Koerner.

Have any other great tips? Leave them in the comments! 

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