January 4, 2012

Deacon Says: Happy Birthday Marty!!

It's been a little over a year since the long haired weiner dog came into our lives, and we can all agree - Marty has made his mark on the world. Happy 4th Birthday! 
xoxo, Deacon
He loves his big brother Deacon
He doesn't love being shorter than the rest of the household.  
Before he was adopted he was quite skinny. 

And rather funny looking.

But we took him to a good home and bought him lots of toys, and he instantly became happier. 

Totally content, if you will.

Nearly cat-like.

He's not a huge fan, but on occasion we can dress him up in Jets gear. 

He has SUPER POWER FRECKLES on his tummy. Or so mom says. 

And he loves the sunshine. 

Won't you wish the second blogging puppy in the household a happy birthday? 

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