December 5, 2011

Make My Monday: Happy Holidays!

The holidays are kicking off to a bright and cheery start here in DC - we went skating at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden this weekend and we've planned trips to Chicago and NYC over the next few weeks and get to host former roommate {av} of Long Distance Loving on Sunday when she's in town for Blogger Blitz DC!
Skaing with the ladies this weekend. I'm quite terrible, but it was fun!

The biggest fun news - we've sworn off roommates and signed a lease on a one bedroom apartment! We're sad to see {M} go home to Texas, but this is going to be a fun excuse to share our story as we re-decorate our pad (just a few floors up from where we live now). Any thoughts? We've got a Pinterest board started!

We're sure to be sharing lots of photos over on Instagram this week, but we thought we'd start your week off right - we spiced up our average coffee this morning with homemade vanilla whipped cream and chocolate coconut sprinkles and one of our favorite Starbucks mugs - a Florida one to remind us that somewhere in this world, it's warm!

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