November 10, 2011

To Do Thursday: Blog Hop! Visiting with Kate from Daffodils

We're so excited to have a blog hop today - our very first. Today, we're chatting with Kate of Daffodils - she's one of our new favorite new lifestyle reads. We hope you'll enjoy learning all about her and then pop on over to her site to check out our answers too! 

Tell me about yourself- why did you start blogging, and how did you decide what you wanted to write about?
Hi Deacon Does Dc Readers! My name is Kate and you can find me blogging over at Daffodils. I began blogging about a year and a half ago, thinking I would start a refurbished furniture business. My original posts were mostly about design inspirations and projects of my own. However, as time went by, I ran out of time for projects and found more joy in sharing snippets of my life with my husbands and two boys. I enjoy posting recipes, some small projects, fashion and design inspiration amongst my daily musing about life California with my family.

Me, Cullen (age 2), Kev (the husband) and under the blanket is my 5 month old baby Bennett.
We live right on the water in Monterey, CA!
Do you have any regular series on your blog? What is your favorite?
For a long time, I always posted "C-Mondays" which were cute weekly pictures of my little guy, Cullen. But then I had another little guy and that title jump seemed wrong. So now I just post cute pictures of both of them throughout the week. :) I am also a loyal Friday Fancies Follower!

What is your favorite place in DC to take out-of-towners, and why?
Even though we are now west coasters, I still have a very special place in my heart for DC. When I have friends visit DC, I have to take them back to my {claimed} hometown of Alexandria, VA and we'll have a night out in Old Town. We'd start with dinner at Landini's, then drinks and signing Irish songs at Murphy's and if we are feeling really crazy, let's end the night with some karaoke at Rock It Grill. Trust me, we will have a great time!

When you aren't blogging, what can you be found doing?
When I'm not blogging, you can find me exploring our new California home (we just moved from Winston-Salem, NC in July), raising the two sweetest boys in the world and hanging out with my handsome husband. I also love to cook, read, sew, organize, decorate, take pictures and watch Auburn football!

What about the holidays gets you most excited?
Some years, I kind of dread the holidays since they always seem to be so stressful, but this year I am super excited. I can't wait to play some Christmas music, host west coast friends for Thanksgiving and go home {back to the east coast} for the holidays. I also can't wait to experience the season with my sons because as a mother of two, I feel like we are more of our own family, plus Cullen (my 2.5 year old) understands what is happening and it is so special to experience the hope and wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes.

 I hope you will pop over to Daffodils to say hello! Thanks for having me McLean!

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