November 16, 2011

Guest Post: Meredith of The FFJD

One of Deacon's favorite guilty pleasures? Reading The FFJD (formerly 50 First (J)Dates). We are neither Jewish nor have we ever been on JDate, but it doesn't matter. We'd read it even if it sucked because we love Meredith, but ... it doesn't. It's hilarious, informative, and, quite often, just what you're thinking but afraid to say.

Blogger-writer-consultant-fashionista Meredith Fineman's journey started as a quest to find her perfect NJB (nice Jewish boy) and has evolved into a lifestyle site chronicling everything from her favorite fro-yo toppings (mochi) to her quest to find the perfect Skinny Arm pose, and most things in between. Lucky for her, she found the NJB rather soon in the process, but she still gives great relationship advice. We chatted with the voice behind the blog to learn a bit more about her advice for dating in DC, life, ect.

Why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging as a way to chronicle my adventures when I lived in South America. It was called Soy, Therefore I am (a play on words in Spanish and a nod to my lactose intolerance). TheFFJD (originally Fifty First JDates), however, was supposed to be a private joke among my friends to chronicle my hilaroipus return to the American male known as JDate in Washington. It went viral, and now it's become an amazing outlet for me, my friends, and other 20-somethings. And yes, I am writing a book.

What is your advice for dating? 
Leave no stone unturned. I think you should give everyone a fair chance. I was most surprised/pleased with guys I never thought I'd like, and the ones I really wanted to go out with often were duds. Even if you don't like the person, be nice - you never know if he or she might have a friend for you.

Here's a pet peeve of ours. Why are men in DC so SHORT?
I don't know. I'm 5'7 and I wear nothing shorter than 5 inch heels, so I'm essentially the Jolly Green Giant. If you really like a guy, don't discount him for his height. There's nothing he can do about it, except wear platforms, which you definitely don't want. Cue this:

How do you avoid awkward questions from grandma and your parents when you're home for Thanksgiving and single, yet again, at 26? We're, um, asking for a friend. 
Just tell then you're on the Bachelorette and you can't disclose because of your contract who you chose for your final rose. There's lots of weird and difficult pressure surrounding family and whom you choose to date. Really, those questions are incredibly inappropriate. But say something like, "I'm auditioning a few contenders" or really just ignore it. You would never ask the same of the state of someone else's marriage or relationship! (Ie, why aren't you married to your bf yet?)

You're quite the fashionista. What's your favorite trend of the moment?
Oooh thank you! That is quite the compliment. I love colored denim. (I just love color in general.)

Anything else you want to share? 
TheFFJD is a somewhat humorous blog for the 20-something struggling with post-graduate life and dating. More than anything, it's a space to make fun of ourselves and share in the upps and downs of young adulthood. Buy my book when it comes out, as a gift, doorstop, or sneezeguard. Be a fan on Facebook and Twitter. I am also starting events and jappy/happy hours, so stay tuned and send me your email for exclusives!

 Never one to let an opportunity pass us by, we also guest posted on her site today about how to snag the best deals on travel using our favorite sample sale sites and internet search tips. Check. It. Out. (Please.)

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