October 26, 2011

Travel Tuesday: My Weekend in Seattle

First snaps from a long weekend in the Pacific Northwest visiting our BFF, K. It was our first time to Seattle, and, despite living up to its rainy reputation, we found this waterfront city to be refreshingly friendly, trend-ily locavore, remarkably dog-centric and enjoy-ably outdoorsy. Our favorite things?

1. Fresh flowers at Pike's Place Market & sandwiches at Beecher's Cheese.
2. Nordstrom flagship. (Yes, I like to shop.)
3. Top Pot Doughnuts.
4. The Spa at Four Seasons Seattle. (Ask for Megan & book one of the waterfront rooms!)
5. The view from the Edgewater Hotel. (Have a drink there at sunset!)
6. Shopping @ Baby & Co.
7. Tom Douglas' Rub with Love shack.
8. Homemade pasta at Spinasse on Capitol Hill.
9. The Space Needle, of course. Mostly to look at - I skipped the trip up.
10. The incredibly friendly locals, who pointed out everything from great restaurants to the best places to check out local music and gave directions anytime I even looked slightly lost.
What did I miss? I already can't wait to return. ~ McLean & Deacon

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