September 20, 2011

Luxe Life: Our Fave Resource for Haute Handbags - Bella Bag

We all sometimes covet the things we can’t afford, and our obsession just so happens to be handbags. The latest Fendi, Gucci, Pradas and Chanels to cross the runways into stores create a yearning in our little fashion-forward hearts. Unfortunately, the $1,000+ per bag price tag means that we own only a select few. While we’ve been tempted by the EBays and discount online shops of the world, there’s always a fear that that luxe bag, deeply discounted, isn’t really a Fendi but a Fakey that we’ve still shelled out a few hundred for.

Enter Bella Bag, an Atlanta-based company that promises to be the insider resource to authentic, luxury handbags that don’t break the bank or leave you with a fake.

“Counterfeit bags can sell for as much as $1,000. Why risk being ripped off?” said Bella Bag Founder and Director Cassandra Connors. “The Bella Bag team handles one of the largest private collections of luxury bags in the world. We’ve seen every shape of fake around and know the specifics to help you spot the real deal and spend your dollars wisely.”

Named a “purse purist” by MSN, Connors started Bella Bag in 2005 to give people a reputable one-stop shop for luxury bags and accessories.

The site offers consumers four options: they can buy, sell, trade or authenticate bags. Before a bag is offered for sale, a 13-Point Authenticity Inspection takes place. This inspection is where Bella Bag’s experts:
•Count stitches
•Examine exterior and interior logo stamps
•Trace serial numbers
•Closely inspect exterior and interior materials
•Test hardware magnetism and zipper heads, totaling 13 tests to ensure authenticity

Items on Bella Bag an be expected at approximately 30-70 percent off manufacturer's suggested retail prices. Any deflects, wear or flaws on the item are pictured and described on the site. Of course, a generous return policy is offered. More from Connors, “We set a very high bar. Authenticity is beyond guaranteed… it is the cornerstone of Bella Bag.”

Sounds pretty thorough to us. I think we know where our latest purchase is going to come from!

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