September 16, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Game Day

Friday's Fancies: Game Day Chic

Zoe karssen cotton tank top
$71 -

Jason Wu tuxedo jacket
$1,750 -

Gucci high heels
$875 -

Prada leather tote bag
£775 -

Lanvin choker necklace
$3,995 -

Halleh diamond earrings
$990 -

It's our favorite day of the week - Friday's Fancies! Today's theme is "Game Day," and we'll be honest, we struggled. Deacon fans dress up for their football games, usually in high heels and pearls. We remember wearing a lot of madras and seersucker, as North Carolina temps are warm long into the fall. But today is chilly in DC, so we envisioned an outfit that showcases our sleek style but still fits into the dressier Wake Forest aesthetic we love AND that matches the weather. We saw these amazing Gucci boots at Fashion's Night Out and can't get them out of our head. We'll be honest, this outfit was made from the shoes up. And yes, girls DO wear heels to football games - at least at Wake Forest!

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