August 30, 2011

Say Yum: Eatwell DC Plans New Venture - The Pig

This spring, DC diners will enjoy more than just a "Farm to Table" restaurant - the forthcoming The Pig will be a "Nose to Tail" restaurant, showcasing Eatwell DC’s own farm in La Plata MD, EatWell Natural Farm, and local pork producers, Dorsey Meats in Woodsboro, MD. 

Located in a cozy Logan Circle neighborhood place, the restaurant will evoke the feel of old abattoir.
“The Pig will be a neighborhood priced, neighborhood driven restaurant,” Eatwell’s president David Winer says.  “Our want, goal and desire is serving our neighborhood and surrounding areas with ethically treated and natural products—all local and farm fresh.”

We're excited that the restaurant will feature craft cocktails, American Beers and Wines from eco-conscious producers as well as small batch bourbons.

We'll keep you updated as we get more details!

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