June 17, 2011

Luxe Life: The Bra Whisperer

Yesterday, we were bra whispered. Yes, you heard that right. There's a bra whisperer in town. Intimacy, new to Tysons Corner, is owned by Susan Nethero, aka Oprah's personal bra stylist. We popped into the new shop to check out the merchandise and enjoy a complimentary bra fitting. We were a bit nervous about anyone else handling "the goods," but, since data shows that approximately 85% of the female population is wearing the wrong size bra, we figured it was a good idea to check. Plus, our stock of unmentionables was growing decidedly unattractive due to the fact that we wore the same three pieces over and over and over.

We'd made an appointment online for a complimentary fitting and were greeted warmly when we arrived. While we waited for our "fitter" to return (we were early), we filled out a short survey about our needs. Honestly, we were happy with our general size and fit - just not the way our beat-up bras looked.

Our fitter, Harriet, escorted us back into the dressing room, where she promptly told us to strip. Our bra? Simply to big, she deduced, bringing out a size we hadn't tried since high school in a lacy orange style we immediately tried to say didn't work ... but it fit perfectly. As did the next one, and the next, piling so many bras into one room (with only one bust) that we finally had to separate the piles into "like" "love" and "gotta have right now."

Our band size? Four inches smaller than we suspected. Our cup size? Two sizes larger. Size, it's just a number - right? 
One of our beautiful basics
While the bras aren't cheap (prices ranged from $76 to $200 for our choices), we found a variety of styles that worked under tee shirts, with strapless dresses, with convertible backs, and of course, Hanky Pankies (our chosen bottoms) to match all.

While we didn't need it, all bras come with free lifetime alterations, and our fitter advised us that we could bring the pieces in at any time if they stretched. 

$350 later, we left with four new bras, three "basics" and one "fun" pick, a "wishlist" of five pieces, and three matching underwear pieces. 
Our "fun" pick
We're greatly looking forward to wearing our new intimates ... and our new love affair with Intimacy.

Deacon was invited to visit Intimacy and granted a media discount for our purchases, but all opinions are solely our own.

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