April 4, 2011

Luxe Life: HBloom Delivers Fresh Flowers Direct To You

If there's one thing Deacon loves, it's beautiful things inside our home. We've long been devotees of having fresh flowers, although we rarely treat ourselves to ordering them directly, and, truth be told, we're terrible at flower arranging. Still, the sight of real blooms on our coffee or kitchen table has been known to perk up our workday enough that we often splurge at the local metro mart or Whole Foods.

Curing our woes forever? New DC import H.Bloom, a residential and corporate floral delivery service with an attractive AND affordable service model. You can choose from a number of different types of arrangements, from tall to contemporary to exotic to our pick, "arrange your own." You can even order our favorite flower (orchids) in plant form each month.

Starting at just $29 per month, you'll have weekly, bi-monthly or monthly deliveries to your doorstep of artfully-arranged florals of the freshest seasonal varieties. Choose the arrange your own option, and you can go online to see a weekly video from the company experts suggestion how you should place your blooms for maximum effect.

 Ikebana, here we come.

You can cancel or shift orders with advance notice, perfect for people (and dogs) like us, who travel a lot.

Delivery is free, and you'll even earn referral credits after you register ($50 per person!) ... when you sign up and place your first order, use special code BLOOMDC to save 30% off your first order. Will you pay back the love by entering our e-mail address {McLean.Robbins@gmail.com} at checkout?

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