March 9, 2011

Say Yum: Flip, Tip, & Sip: Make Mine Mio

We’re not going to lie – we love water, particularly when it’s flavored, fizzy and calorie-free. So when we were offered the chance to sample Kraft Food’s new Mio beverage before the public launch, we leapt at the chance.

Particularly when we were told that we’d  get the opportunity to one-on-one with Mio’s brand representative, our favorite Sassy Gay Friend from Chicago’s famed Second City Comedy Troupe, who had designed a series of special promos just for the new product launch. (If you’re not already a Sassy Gay Friend fan – check him out … he’s hilarious!)

See video: Great Expectations

Our “test kit” arrived in the mail the day before the chat, six perfectly-packaged tiny bottles, reminiscent of oversized food coloring boxes in a variety of flavors ranging from Sweet Tea to Berry Punch and Strawberry Watermelon. Just one squeeze, a “flip, tip, and sip,” and we were supposed to have an extra “oomph” to our plain beverage.

At just $3.99 per bottle, each containing 24 servings of flavored goodness, we were intrigued. After all, a significant portion of our grocery bill was always spent on Vitamin Water Zero and we’d been hooked on Crystal Light, although we’d never quite gotten the hang of the individual flavor packets, which always seemed to provide too heavy or not enough of a flavor.

See video: Macbeth

We started with the Peach Tea, adding a quick squeeze to our iced beverage. Whoa, sweet! We tried again, this time diluting the mixture a bit more. MUCH better. Lesson learned, take a less heavy hand with the flipping and tipping. The pop-cap lid was easy to re-seal, and we managed to walk around for most of an afternoon with the case in our purse without causing spillage … although we’d probably suggest you wrap it up if you’re traveling for any extended period of time.

The flavors are calorie-free and, as promised, add instant punch to any flavorless beverage. We particularly enjoyed the combo in soda water, creating our own calorie-free fruit soda. The idea of using this as a cocktail mixer has surely tempted us … but we haven’t tried that quite yet. (Let us know).

Our one complaint? Our favorite flavors of Vitamin Water and Crystal Light are the tangy, not sweet ones – the lemonades. The Mio flavoring is more Gatorade-like in sweetness, and tends towards the sugary, fruit punch variety. Just a few drops go a long way, and we’re not sure that we can ever get into Strawberry-Watermelon past Middle School. But still, each flavor is unique and none were total flops, although our favorites remain the Peach Tea and Berry Punch.

We’d certainly slip these into our bag or pantry for a quick drink pick me up that’s way more affordable than the cases of water we’ve been purchasing. Although we may still buy lemonade in bulk.

Want to try for yourself? Mio is premiering their new product on Facebook with a massive bottle giveaway – so sign up today to receive your free sample.
Kraft Foods sent a sample of Mio beverages for a pre-launch promotion, but this blogger’s opinions are 100% her own.

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