March 25, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Prep-tastic

Sorry readers, we are late, late, late to Friday's Fancies today, but never fear, our outfits are here. Want to know what makes us really excited this week? Your one and only Friday's Fancies original, {av}, created a special outfit *just for us* over on our parent site, Check out the post below:

Want to join in on the Friday's Fancies fun? Create your dream outfit without looking at the pricetag for whatever activity your Friday will hold.

But what's OUR look for the week? We're in Annapolis tonight, visiting the parentals, so we're naturally inspired by the town's preppy-chic appeal. We saw some great outfits in Lilly Pulitzer earlier this week, so ... if the weather were  bit warmer, here's what we'd be donning to head to dinner. We're absolutely in love with local designer's Suzanne Somersall's Kira Kira Jewelry's Sakura line (20% of all proceeds are currently going to Japan relief too) and have been coveting this ring for some time. Paired with a simple pair of wedges and pearls, this look totally meshes with both the upcoming Cherry Blossom festival and our hometown's prep appeal. We've added a cashmere blend scarf in case the weather gets chillier (it always does in March) and love, love love the Kate Spade clutch's adorable pineapple topper. This may be winding its way into our wardrobe come spring.

Lilly pulitzer dress
$268 -
Kate spade handbag
Sapphire ring
$442 -
Mikimoto pearl necklace
$4,500 -
Basile pashmina shawl
$78 -

Need the deets on how to? Many of the Friday's Fancies faithful use Polyvore to create their looks--a super easy website which is also pretty addicting. {Not sure how to use their website? Check out this video to learn more!} And if you aren't graphically inclined, no sweat! Feel free to create your look just using pictures! Make sure to hop over to {long distance loving} to link up! We'll be creating a new Friday's Fancies each week with a member of the GalTime team. If you're a stylish girl in Washington and want to feature your signature weekend look for the next Friday's Fancies, e-mail DC Ambassador McLean Robbins to get on the list. We'll walk you through how to create your look and post it on the site.

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{av} said...

Lilly P is the Loved this outfit so much! So jealous of your jaunt to France...can't wait to hear all about it when you return! Thanks for the Friday's Fancies love! xoxo {av}


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