March 11, 2011

Deacon's Teaching A Class. Deets on our Strategic Blogging Bootcamp with MediaBistro

If you're in the media biz like us, you love everything about MediaBistro, from their job listings to their great "how to pitch" articles for major magazines. One of our other favorite sections? Their super helpful online classes, which function like mini graduate classes or weekend seminars on a variety of important topics.

Deacon is excited to say that we've been invited to participate in their new Strategic Blogging Boot Camp as a guest instructor. The eight week series, which starts May 3, also includes DC social media pros Dr. Mark Drapeau, Kate Michael and Johnica Reed as well as several other in-the-field experts.

A single registration gets you access to eight weeks of great material, including our own session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to build your personal or company blog from the ground up. We'll offer practical tips and expert hints, plus handy writing checklists about what makes each blog post search-engine friendly.

It's the perfect series for anyone looking to boost their freelance visibility or get a corporate blog off the ground, and we guarantee we'll answer questions from the audience both during and after the session as well.

We'd love to see your smiling faces there! Register today using code MR50 and you'll get $50 off your registration. Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing? There's another concurrent series, and you can use the same MR50 code for $50 off there too!

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