February 3, 2011

Say Yum: Sweet Valentine's Day Treats from Destination Spas Across the Country

The Nielsen Company reports more than 58 million pounds of chocolate candy will be purchased during Valentine’s week, ringing up $345 million in sales. Want to have all that chocolate goodness without the weight worries? The 10 tantalizing recipes from Destination Spa Group  were too good not to share with you!

Chocolate Crème Pie, Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge
Grape nuts, tofu and chocolate pudding mix combine for a low-calorie pie that is breeze to make.

Chocolate Chippers, New Life Hiking Spa
Ask the kiddos to help with making the Chippers as they’ll enjoy rolling the dough into balls for baking.

Fudge Cherry Cake with Raspberry Sauce, Red Mountain
Yum all around and only 213 calories per serving!

White Chocolate, Raspberry Cheesecake, Green Mountain at Fox Run
The fresh raspberries baked into the crust are a refreshing surprise.

Chocolate Bourbon Cream Pie, Lake Austin Spa Resort
Topped with nutmeg and chocolate gratings, this amazing pie comes in at only 170 calories per serving.

Tiramisu, Deerfield Spa
This Italian treat can be made at home with some basic ingredients that take away calories without taking away the decadence.

Dark Chocolate Mousse, The Oaks at Ojai
At only 60 calories per serving, including a half cup of berries, the Dark Chocolate Mousse provides some non-dairy protein for people looking for a dairy alternative, and it is gluten-free as well. During the summer months, it can be frozen and used as a sorbet.

Orange Almond Brownies, Golden Door, Escondido
Black beans in brownies? You betcha! With the orange zest, almonds and almond extract, you can’t taste the beans and they make an amazing base for a rich, moist brownie.

Two-Layer Chocolate & Orange Cake, Spa Eastman
How about an amazing chocolate cake that contains no flour? This recipe incorporates dark chocolate, which contains 70 percent cocoa and provides the body with polyphenols that fight cancer.

Mayan Hot Chocolate, Rancho La Puerta
Chocolate was originally developed by the Mayan people of southern Mexico. This hot chocolate is based on an authentic Mexican drink recipe and even has a secret ingredient.

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