February 28, 2011

Favorite Things: Oscar Looks

Va Va Voom! This year's Oscars red carpet wowed with a number of hits and very few (in our humble opinion) misses, except whatwasshethinking Amy Adams with that necklace and Reese (oh man we love you and hate to do this) what is UP with your hair?

Red was the color of the night (we'd love to wear this look to a wedding this weekend but don't you kind of look like a hooker off the red carpet?) and emeralds were everywhere, although, strangely, their usual champion, Angelina Jolie, was not.

The usual suspects looked fab (yes, we're seeing you Halle Berry, you haven't aged a bit) and some looked dramatically slimmer (although Jennifer Hudson could have used some sort of bra). Gwyneth looked stunning in metallic, although we still can't figure out why she suddenly thinks she's a singer and refuses to walk the carpet with her hot husband. Mandy Moore, where did YOU come from, I can haz your dress, no? And little Haliee Steinfeld, we love you. Marchesa! At such a young age. You. Rocked. It. Cate Blanchett - I haven't yet decided on your dress (was it circling your boobs?) but your hair! Oh, if I hadn't just spent the past year growing mine out ... I'd be in the salon tomorrow. Natalie Portman, to borrow the words of our favorite Sassy Gay Friend, you stupid bitch (love ya!). You look even hotter pregnant. And Mila Kunis, well, we'd become a lesbian for you too. Even if purple is our least favorite color.

And, in case you've been living under a rock for the past 12 hours, here are our favorite looks, in slide show form. Because we know some of you depend on Deacon for allllll of your news :-)

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