November 24, 2010

Mark Your Calendar: Cyber Monday Diamond Giveaway (Yay!)

Get excited, Deacon fans, because UrbanDaddy is partnering with the Everlon Diamond Knot collection to do hourly giveaways on Cyber Monday. Visit to win the following prizes:

Hour            Item                                                Value       Hour            Item                                    Value
11am          Solitaire Pave Pendant                   $2,000      5pm      Solitare Pave Ring                  $2,000
12pm          Linked Semi Pave Bracelet            $2,499      6pm      Semi Pave Bracelet                $2,499
1pm            Solitaire Bangle                               $2,400      7pm      Solitare Curve Earrings           $2,750
2pm            Solitaire Pave Ring                          $2,000      8pm      Solitare Pave Pendant          $2,000
3pm            Solitaire Semi Pave Pendant         $2,499     9pm      Solitare Pendant                     $2,150
4pm            Pave Stud Earrings                          $2,000    10pm     Solitare Semi Pave Pendant  $2,499

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