November 9, 2010

Luxe Life: Bigen Hair Color

In the fall we see nature at its best, vibrantly colored leaves gracefully falling to the ground. As everyday scenery slowly changes, why not change with the season? We recently tried (okay, we recently had our roommate try - we're au naturel here at DDC) using Bigen’s Permanent Powder Hair Color. And the reviews were fantastic. She reports (and we watched) that the powder base was easy to use and the color stayed bright and natural even through multiple washings. Unlike some other permanent dyes, there was no staining (oh, and it's ammonia free, so it's not stinky), no gross goopy mess to clean, and the color looked natural and bright - we never would have known it wasn't her naturally stellar shade if we hadn't seen the box.

Best of all? It's only $4.99. So don't splurge on an expensive dye job this holiday - hie thee to the pharmacy and snag a Bigen's. You'll have all the more left over ... for important things, like holiday dresses and shoes.

*This product was sent as a gift

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