October 15, 2010

Say Yum: Slip Into Fall With New Cocktail offerings at BOURBON STEAK

One of Deacon's favorite spots to sip cocktails is none other than The Four Seasons Georgetown's BOURBON STEAK. Because really, if we're going to shell out $15 for a drink, it had better be a good one - in a place filled with beautiful people. And The Four Seasons certainly fits all of our requirements.

The fall menu includes modern twists on classics like the Alexander Cocktail, made with Bols Genever, crème de cacao and cream, as well as specialty creations, such as the Winter Jam with Plymouth gin, pineapple and quince rosemary jam. Hot “Buttered” Rum, a warm favorite from last fall, returns to the menu as well with its soothing combination of Myers’ rum, cinnamon, allspice and dulce de leche foam, while the new Rimoka heats things up with a combination of spiced chocolate mix, hot coffee, Jim Beam Rye and Kahlua.

Our Pick? The Rimoka, sipped by one of the bar's outdoor fire pits. Anyone want to join for a libation or two next week?

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