October 20, 2010

Luxe Life: Intraceuticals Facials & Pumpkin Spa Treatments at Sports Club/LA DC

This month, Deacon has had the pleasure of not just one, but two visits to the spa at the Sports Club/LA. Cue tail wagging, we know we're lucky dogs.

But it's all in the name of research, dear readers. Our first trip was to sample the spa's newest treatment, a facial using Intraceuticals skincare products, an Australian line with a cult celebrity following. Sports Club/LA is the only DC spa to acquire this particular treatment, which promises dewy, glowing skin. It's obviously worked for some people - Madonna and Justin Timberlake among them. You can read our review on Luxist, here.

The next week, we headed back to the spa to sample the new fall Pumpkin treatments. Priced at $99 each, the spa offers a facial and a body scrub utilizing one of our fave seasonal ingreds. We opted for the 50-minute scrub, which offers a pumpkin-apple peel with phyto nutrients to smoothe away rough skin, followed by a cinnamon-vanilla brown sugar scrub to seal in the peel and quench dehydrated skin. Afterwards, you're wrapped in a warm cocoon. The description promises a luxurious scalp massage, but we enjoyed a reflexology foot treatment instead. After you shower off, a sweet-smelling lotion massage completes the treatment.

We loved this particular treatment, even though we're not typically a fan of being wrapped (thank you, claustrophobia). Particularly during the change of seasons, we feel it's important to help bring clean, new, skin to the surface, and what better way to do it than with one of our favorite scents in the world, pumpkin? Kelly, our therapist, was very thorough in her exfoliation, and ensured us that she wouldn't leave the room during the wrap, which was pleasantly warm but not at all confining.

The only downside of the treatment? We had to walk from the spa to the locker area to shower off and change, which involved the potential of being spotted by a patron in our robe and pumpkin goop. That would have been fine if we hadn't known that Josh Duhamel was in the gym that day ... and we did not want our first meeting to be looking like THAT!!

Thankfully, however, Kelly gave us a second robe to change into after the shower. To make the treatment even better, we added a 50-minute massage to the second half, leaving the spa two hours later to feel exceptionally relaxed, refreshed and smelling sweetly of pumpkin pie.

The only thing that would make it better? If the treatment ended with an edible pumpkin treat - like a muffin or a scone!

Need some facial TLC instead? The facial (also 50 minutes) promises a pumpkin-based peel to decongest the pores and promote smoother, younger-looking skin by encouraging dead skin cell turnover. The treatment is said to be ideal for addressing acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Both treatments are available from now until December. Hie thee to the spa - they're awesome!

Disclaimer: Although the treatments were provided free of cost, Deacon ensures you ... there is no pay for play.

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