September 8, 2010

You're Invited: Fancy Little Things Fashion Swap

Kick off those flip flops and get ready for fall. Whether you're on a budget or a Black Card Babe, this upcoming fall fashion swap is just what you need to get your wardrobe in fall fashion shape.

Sponsored by Bethesda's Sisarina, a $10 entrance fee to the September 19th event gets you access to trade till your heart's content for gently-used-yet-still-in-style merch. It's like shopping 20 of your BFF's closets ... all in one place.

Plus, the event is co-hosted by two of our fave blogs, Quarter Life and The Jobsessed, which makes it even cooler. 

Here's how it works:
1. Sign up & pay your $10 entrance fee here
2. Clean out your closet & put your clothes in recycled shopping bags
3. Put your contact info on a card & in the bag
4. Drop off your clothes at one of the dropoff spots below
5. We'll go through your items & price them from $1-10
6. We'll put tags equaling those prices in an envelope for you to purchase new clothes with
7. Come to the swap on Sept 19
8. Buy new clothes with your tags or bring cash & buy more
8. Enjoy drinks & snacks with other fabulous women
9. Allow us to donate everything that doesn't 'sell'
10. Love your new clothes!
OR just sign up & buy great new things even if you didn't drop off clothes!

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