September 22, 2010

Say Yum: Pig Party

 We're big on the Pig, and so is Alexandria's Jackson 20 restaurant. Tonight and the second Wednesday of every month between 5:30 and close Chef Dennis Marron and his team will prepare a feast of slow-roasted whole pig with all the fixins in the restaurant's courtyard. The menu includes pulled pork shoulder, mahogany BBQ, East Carolina BBQ, ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, smoked corn, corn bread, green bean salad, soft rolls and seasonal pie. Guests who come early can also enjoy the resto's “Eco-Hour,” available daily from 3 to 7 PM featuring a wide selection of canned beers and boxed wine.

The Pig Party Barbeque is available for $35 dollars (if reserved in advance) or $45 dollars at the door.  Price does not include beverages, tax and gratuity.
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