August 2, 2010

Luxe Life: Pelleve Launch Party (Belle Guest Post)

Occasionally, Deacon lets me play around in NYC. On his behest, I attended the launch of a new technology called Pelleve. The technology is intended to combat wrinkles by tightening the skin in a non-invasive facial. It soften wrinkles on the face by slowly heating the deep layers of the skin with a warming device powered by radiowave technology that protects the top layer of the skin. The heat helps create new collagen and the entire treatment takes less than one hour and should provide immediate results.

While Pelleve is only FDA approved for use on the face to fight wrinkles. It may have possible other applications in the future such as acne scar treatment, cellulite treatments and more.  Peleve differs from other anti-wrinkle treatment systems because no surgery or needles are necessary, there’s no need to numb the skin, and it is virtually painless. In fact, patients who have had Pelleve say it feels like a warm facial massage. With PellevĂ©, the physician can customize the treatment to the needs of the patient. You can return home or go back to work right after leaving the office.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but, I'll give you another update when I've undergone the treatment late this month.

Until then, love from NYC,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As the physician who conducts all US based Pelleve training, I have yet to fail in delivering a "WOW" result in every live demonstration I've performed with the Pelleve procedure. You can't ask for more reliability and safety.


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