July 12, 2010

Luxe Life: Ohh I Love Launches

Remember Deacon's obsession with travel site Off and Away? We've finally found the same type of site for clothing! Ohh I love has replicated the no-reserve auction model for luxury goods (think Louboutins, gift cards to Saks and Bloomies, Louis Vuitton wallets and more).

The concept is simple - buy "bid packs" for 99 cents per bid to gain entry to timed auctions. Each bid costs you 99 cents and raises the price by 2 cents. When the clock ticks down, you'll note that the bid also adds 10 seconds to the clock, allowing others a chance to top your offer.

One of our favorite aspects of this new site is the "bid assistant" tool, which allows you to set a maximum price and number of bids ... that way, if you're really determined to win, you can keep bidding while you're out and about ... shopping, perhaps?

Want to check this out for yourself? Deacon has an exclusive invite code. Click here to become a member! 

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