June 16, 2010

Our 1,000th Post! Deacon Says Thank You!

Dear Readers,

As we were scheduling our regular weekly updates today, we noticed that the number of blog articles was at 999 - we were fast approaching our 1,000th post. To be honest, we would love to have planned a great giveaway or a fantastic contest, but, true to this blog's humble beginnings, a simple THANK YOU will have to suffice. DeaconDoesDC was started as the musings of a very curious puppy and a young writer thinking she was *just* starting a graduate school project that would include her mother and father as readers. In under two years, we've seen traffic grow to the thousands per month and have launched a national writing career that has taken us to countries including Mexico, Switzerland and Italy for publications like Robb Report, Luxist, and JuliB and of course, back to our District roots at The Washingtonian, ReMarriage Magazine and DailyCandy.

This very afternoon, we're speaking at a panel discussion on advanced social media techniques at Digital Capital Week, talking to the area's best public relations professionals and writers about how to better leverage your own social media profiles to network and expand one's own professional circles.

The blog continues to grow in traffic each month and we've hired our very first summer intern. We've broken news on DC's reality TV craze, visited a Barbie convention, and tracked the world's best bathrooms with a view. True to our "District and Beyond motto," Deacon Does DC will continue to bring you, our readers, the very latest in fashion, food, fun and beyond.

We welcome your feedback as we move into the next chapter of the blog, and of course invite you to send questions, comments and fan mail (preferably in the form of Wubbas and treats) to Deacon himself at deacondoesdc@gmail.com.

Thanks again for reading!

Deacon and McLean


Michael said...

We love your blog! Congratulations! You are an inspiration!
Michael Woestehoff

Deacon said...

Thanks Michael! We love your blog too.

Michael said...

Congratulations! You are an blogging inspiration!


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