June 9, 2010

Mark Your Calendars: Bourbon Steak's First Mixology Class

Take a sip of this opportunity to add a little spice to your homemade concoctions.

BOURBON STEAK is raising a glass to aspiring bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts with its very first mixology class. Led by ace mixologist Duane Sylvestre, the hands-on class is perfect for those seeking to expand their cocktail skills. Guests will receive a primer on basic bar techniques, current cocktail trends and learn about the science behind flavor combinations before creating their own concoctions. Class participants will have an enormous selection of spirits, mixers, juices, herbs and spices at their disposal to create their unique cocktails.

In addition to guests enjoying their own creations, there will be an opportunity to taste dishes made especially for the occasion by Executive Chef David Varley including Black truffle popcorn and Michael Mina’s signature burger.

Following the mixology class, BOURBON STEAK will present each participant with a mixology tool kit filled with house made bitters and unique handpicked spirits.

Although the class is a little pricy at $95, including tax and gratuity, we think it’s a great steal! The class will be held on Sunday, June 27 from 12 PM2 PM. Make your reservations now.

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