November 19, 2009

Luxe Life: A Mobile Boutique, Ebay Launches The Inside Source, and Deacon contributes!

Shoppers, rejoice! Last week, EBay launched "The Inside Source," an online magazine to accompany all things fashion and fun.

Deacon is proud to announce that he has authored DC's inaugural posting to the site, corresponding with the arrival of the EBay Mobile Boutique, coming to DC TODAY and TOMORROW! The post covers ten great things to do during the holiday season. Our dear friend over at Project Beltway has also drawn up a fabulous Street Style posting that we're truly excited to say reflects all of the fashion-sense that DC should be known for.

According to EBay, "The Inside Source is a digital media destination that harnesses the eBay shopping community’s real time buying and selling activity to curate proprietary insights that shape the retail industry and American consumer’s lifestyles.

The Inside Source offers fresh, original perspective and editorial content, such as feature articles and opinion pieces written by journalists and shopping specialists, that provides an insider look at what’s hot and what’s next."

Check it out and let us know your thoughts - we think you'll love our holiday shopping guide!

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