December 16, 2008

Say Yum: Tangysweet & Red Velvet opening this week!

Deacon's got a special scoop that the newest location of Tangysweet AND DC's latest addition to the Cupcake scene, Red Velvet, are going to open on or before Thursday!

For TangySweet's second space (the first is in Dupont on P Street), they've hired Pastry Chef David Guas (formerly of PassionFood Hospitalty) to bring in a sweet sensation for a two-in-one punch.

Metrocurean reports that the yogurt half will be bigger, but plenty of seating will be availalble for both.

What an exciting endeavor. We can't wait to try Guas' work, which has been recognized by magazines like Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Washingtonian as top-notch.

How's THAT for your afternoon sugar fix?? It's almost enough to make us wish we worked downtown again!

Location: 7th & E, NW, 202.347.7985 (Former Juan Valdez Coffee Space)

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