December 9, 2008

Luxe Life: Let them (bathe in) Champagne

Okay, so we remember that Marie Antoinette got in trouble for saying something similar, so let's hope you don't guillotine us.

It's the holiday season and let's face it, the economy has us all a (lot) down in the dumps. Never mind that our beloved Neimans and Saks look like war torn nations (or at least a bad Macys) on Saturday afternoons, or that the stock market shows drastically crashing prices on our fave options (seriously, Louis Vuitton slashed prices in Japan ... even the big guns are suffering).

The upside to this mess is that there are deals galore - 40 to 70% off at our favorite stores (which Deacon has kindly outlined for you as best he can).

Still, a gal (or guy, if you swing that way) needs more than just material goods to soothe this pain.

Which is why when the going gets tough ... the tough go to the spa.

One of our absolute favorite retreats, the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, has seriously slashed prices on some of their best treatments, including our ultimate go-to, the Champagne Indulgence package.

Ever since we tried it last February, we've been dreaming of a return engagement. Even though regular purchases of the Olavie products to use at home are fab, but just not the same.

Honestly, we're talking almost 50 percent off here, people.

So hie thy tired and Louboutin weary feet to the comforting hands of the Ritz, where you'll be able to book the following deals through Holiday '08.

Deets below, natch.

Just don't take the last appointment, or we'll have to kill you.

Holiday Splendor

Therapeutic Massage 50 Minutes

Petite Facial 25 Minutes

Spa Manicure 25 Minutes

Spa Pedicure 50 Minutes


Holiday Spa-tacular

Rose Body Wrap 60 Minutes

European Facial 50 Minutes

Deluxe Manicure 25 Minutes

Deluxe Pedicure 50 Minutes


Holiday Cheer

Champagne Indulgence Body Treatment 90 Minutes

Champagne Indulgence Facial 50 Minutes

Champagne Indulgence Manicure 50 Minutes

Champagne Indulgence Pedicure 50 Minutes

Complimentary Glass of Champagne


*Complimentary use of Sauna, Steam Room, Indoor Pool and Whirlpool. Gratuities are not included in the price of the package.

Gift Certificates are available at the Spa Front Desk and Lifestyle Boutique. Call 703-744-3924 for reservations.

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