December 9, 2008

Luxe Life: Hollywould No More - but a sweet sale!

This just in from our fab friend over at The Glamazon Diaries:

Hollywould is going out of business. That's right, another one bites the dust. Bad for them, good for our closets. I love Hollywould shoes and dresses and know many of you do too. So go ahead and snag a couple, just make sure don't get the same dresses. We don't want to end up looking like twins. EVERYTHING IS $79. AGAIN EVERYTHING IS $79.

Merry Christmas. If you happen to be in NYC, the Hollywould stores are selling everything for $49. Unfair but hey, still a good deal.

You know you love me.


Glamour Girl

1 comment:

Glamour Girl said...

Technically they are calling it a "No more production" sale. But we all know what that means.


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