November 4, 2008

Luxe Life: What your vote gets you

Yeah, yeah, we all know that you can get freebies at Starbucks, Krispie Creme and Ben & Jerry's, but what other steals n' deals are out there after you've cast your ballot?

Here's just a few we've come by:

  • 20% off at Circle Boutique through Sunday.
  • 20% off at Wink, today only.
  • 20% off any single service at Natural Body Spa in Arlington, Monday-Friday only, through November 15. Absentee? No problem. You get 15% off with your voter registration card.
  • 20% off at Hysteria, today only.
  • A whopping 50% off your haircut or color at Salon Cristophe (whose DC stylist once worked for Senator Hilary Clinton) if you bring in your voting sticker. You can also purchase a gift certificate for use on a later date.

Plus, Washingtonian has a great list of spots for free or discounted food with your vote, plus an extensive listing of where to toss back a few brews as you watch election results come in. Because no matter who you vote for, discounts are always in style.

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